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  Art at highschool

Art at Churchill Highschool

1997, I was teachiung Art at the Churchill Boys Highschool in Harare, in 1998 as Head of Art Department. Each of the 1200 pupils choses one of the four practical subjects Technical Drawing, Wood- or Metalwork and Art.

Every class varies in its amount of students between 12 and 42. So, many assignments were realised in group projects. The syllabus is devided in five areas: Still Life, Figure Drawing, Observation Drawing, Design and Painting (optional to Painting are Printmaking, Sculpture or Weaving). The Lessonplanning as well as the content of all schemes are completely up to the head of Art Department.

Twice a week, I offered an Art club as an afternoon activity, were the students could experiment with screen printing on T-Shirts, design own logos or Pottery. This option was very popular among the boys from the integrastion classes.

Once a week, I spend with the Upper and lower 6  who had chosen Art as one of their A-Level subjects. We visited galleries, invited designers and Artists to talk about their career or they could experiment new techniques and media on figure drawing when a model was placed over a longer period than 2 lessons (= 80 min.).

Aside the lesson projects that I developed with my collegue Hilton Zuze, we participated in many poster competitions, i.e. the Book Fair. Additionally, with a group of students, I created and produced the Schoolmagazin „The Winstonian“, which represents all school actrtivities, the sport competitions (i.e. Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball) and Club Activities from Quiz, Junior Debate, Poetry, Pipe Band or Drama just to name a few.

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