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  Art studies in Harare

My Fine Art Studies in Harare
The lecturers at the Art Department of the Harare Polytechnic are half zimbamwean origins, half foreigners from Europe, Kanada, Israel or other african countries. Guest lecturers from India or New Zealand like the Maori potter Wi Taepa were enriching and culturally inspiring this multicultural working environment.

After the Certificate of Applied Art and Design (4 trimestres) the students chose to continue the main studies in Fine Art or Design with one major and two additional subjects (5 trimestres). History of Art and Figure Drawing remain compulsory for all students.

During the main studies, the „Designers“ are often sponsored by creative agencies and work on media projects during the holidays bevor they start working for them after the studies.

The „Fine Artists“ get first experiences in producing comissioned work by Theatres, Record Companies, Hotels or Restaurants. Many carry on working as free artists after the studies and/or start as art teachers in private or government highschools.

During my main studies I developed the AMAI-Figure for cartoons, textiles, different printing techniques as well as sculptures. In 1995 and 1996, I displayed an installation of these muiltimedia works of the project in an own room during annual exhibitions.

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