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Art studies in Harare
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  Art with adolescents

Art with adolessents

Duiring my own art studies I took over an  art class of Helen Lieros, artis and gallerist in Harare. She worked on a mural painting for the greek othodox church in Maputo, Mozambique.
The talented 12 – 20 children and teenagers aged 10 to18 came every saturday fot 3-4 hours to the amphitheatre of the Gallery Delta. To help and encourage them individually gave me so much joy and pleasure that Helen Lieros encouraged me to start my own art classes. Regularly, she sent children to me, when her class was full.

So, in 1995, I started afternoon courses on the weekend at my spacious flat or outside the building. First, I tought O-Level students to prepare for art exams and helped them to create an individual style.

Later, in 1996, I had a goup of teenagers from the international school of Harare. They loved to sketch inspired by rock music, developed cartoons with own characters of stories they have experienced themsxelves on their various journeys around the globe.


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